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hello i'm zen! he/she s.asian istj july cancer
byf dont use 'girl" or "sis" on me if we arent friends, I talk about both bgs and ggs, jjyubin and rei brainrot, i dont really anti anyone so idc who you stan unless its kwj, bigbang, or lucas, im autistic
dni homophobic, transphobic, racist, corny, insensitive, you lose your morals over shit, ot3 nctzen/lumi, you hate moonbin

bgs astro, cix, tbz, svt, txt, nct, tempest, p1h, enha, ateez, cravity
ggs ive, le sserafim (ot5), red velvet, nmixx, stayc, billlie, aespa, loona, twice, weme, cherry bullet, itzy, cignature,